Minimal Invasive Device Engineering

Manemed is looking back now on 11 years of experience in stent and related devices research and engineering, including all the steps from the idea to the product.

Manemed owns numerous patents in interventional devices, and has worldwide licence and manufacturing partners. The advantage of Manemed is that in the person of Dr. Neuss, the expertise in chirurgy and engineering are perfectly coming together, which allows a high degree of flexibility and fast development.

Manemed forms a close connection between every day hospital practice, product line development and engineering skill.

o Manemed has its own development projects, studies on materials, animals and humans, and all the steps of bringing the items to the point of OEM manufacturing with prototyping, sampled budgets and serial production.

o Manemed CoDesign, a second business field of R&D is to co-develop devices on demand or in close cooperation with other specialists. So the full range of engineering skills, development steps and manufacturing facilities becomes easily available for medical colleagues.

Original Equipment Manufactured
Research and Development